Colour Me

Photos provide a unique view into the lives of our ancestors and relatives, but viewing them in black and white places them at a certain distance. Colour photos in just one single step

Best Surprise

Letters are a timeless classic. Do we really think we’ll one day read texts with that same feeling of longing? Send your personal letters to your loved ones instantly!


If you start by incorporating small changes into your daily habits, you can create lasting, healthy eating habits. HealthHub wants to help you do just that! aims to make the appointment booking process seamless and create a community to educate users with the help of health tips, first aid advice, fitness tips!


Wanda is built on the idea to decrease isolation and motivate us all not only to progress our work but know we can do so while our simple presence supports others.

Good Vibes Only

The Good News Network app delivers daily positive news from around the world. Our ‘News to Enthuse’ is like Vitamin G for the spirit.

Code of Duty

Gamified Sprint System - Making Open Source Contribution and Team Collaboration Fun!


A Machine Learning powered GitHub App built with Probot to jam the spam PRs on your repo and keep maintainers stress-free.

Ruby's Adventures

Two mini games: an infinite runner like the dino game and a twist to the conventional pacman called forest of terrors.


An Online Study Room freely available to help with your motivation and make progress with your work.


An app to keep track of inventory with the help of intelligent refill prediction, e-bill generation and re-shelving suggestions.


A portal that helps blue collar workers find jobs and live a life with dignity as a part of the PSoC Open source project.

Apply By AI

Looking for candidates that rightly match your job requirements? Let AI handle it for you.

Rock Paper Scissors

An online multiplayer application to play the good old game rock-papers-scissors with your friends

Expensify App

An application to maintain your expenses with customizable options and an easy google sign-in option.

inDecision App

Put your life in the hands of a computer. The application makes choices for you, given a set of inputs to choose from.

Movie Preference Analysis

Exploring the MovieLens dataset to find trends associated with movie preferences


A job-recommendation platform to connect open-source contributors to startups and organisations.

Weather Update

A weather application that gives real time weather information based on location using weather and location APIs

Notes App

An application to maintain your todo list. You can do so via a command line application available on github or the web application

A social network for connecting people with similar personalities and capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family.

Election Result Predictor

Predicting whether the person would vote for republican or democrats based on prior data.

Vital care E-Commerce Portal

A web-based e-commerce portal for buying, health and wellness related products and read blogs based on health.


A Machine Learning Model to Predict the risk of Heart Disease and calculate the insurance amount required


An Android Application for Medical Emergencies and a Healthy Lifestyle.

Management Systems

Simple Password Authenticated Management System built on C++

Work Experience

May 2021 - Sept 2021
Software Engineer Intern

Wrote Billing APIs using Node.js, MongoDB, SnowflakeDB and AWS to effectively store and retrieve billing reports that reduced computation (recalculation) cost by 100% and also helped with debugging issues in bills generated. Refactored code in large files with around 1000 lines by code by breaking them into smaller files and helper files, typescriptifying them and optimising its functions.

Aug 2020 - May 2021
Research Assistant

Wrote, documented, and tested custom continuous integration validations using Python. Worked on developing models for projections of COVID-19, in standardized format. (funded by CDC)

June 2020 - May 2021
Software Engineer

Created and tested frontend and a micro-service architecture for the backend for Holosuit Education application portal.

March 2020 - August 2020
Junior Data Scientist Intern

Worked on Neural Networks, web linking, web scraping, managed their website, made UI UX changes to the website and updated website information

June 2020 - July 2020
Web Development Intern

Customised their new site for online courses (goleadthefuture), embedded videos to their site and worked on video edits and web design research

July 2019 - August 2019
Full Stack Development Intern

Implemented REST APIs using Node.js, Express and MongoDB and TypeScript, integrated them with the AngularJS frontend, tested the APIs and also worked on a bit of Machine Learning

May 2019 - July 2019
Backend Development Intern

Worked with Nodejs, Angular and MongoDB to design, develop and debug web applications. Integrated back-end services with Angular/Nodejs based front end needs. Worked with the team to manage, optimize and customize multiple web applications

May 2018 - July 2018
Risk Analysis Intern at Acquisory Risk Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Performed Forensics/ Investigation Support part of Risk Analysis. Explored and Worked with Tools like Forensic Tool Kit (FTK). Submitted a project report for open source digital forensics

Dec 2017
Content and SEO Intern at Babychakra

Ideated content for social media. Designed Creatives. Wrote and published articles. Data analytics using the tool Periscope and google analytics.

June 2017 - July 2017
Web Development and Marketing Intern at Obino

Ideated content for social media. Web development using Wordpress. Developed a marketing calendar. Carried out competitive analysis. On call coordination for their #WomenWhoLead Campaign.



C/C++ , Java, Javascript, Typescript, Python


Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, PHP, DJango, AndriodStudio, Kafka, Nest.js


Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, NLTK, Tensorflow


MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB, Firebase, CockroachDB, PostgreSQL, Snowflake


Git, Cypress, Jest, AWS, WebDriverIO, Selenium, JUnit


August 2021
Selection in Summer School on AI

Got selected to be a part of the 5th Summer School on Artificial Intelligence With focus on Computer Vision & Machine Learning by IIIT Hyderabad

April 2021
Winner of Hack from the Past

Winner of Major League Hacking's (MLH) Hack from the Past, retro themed hack among 50+ teams

April 2021
Winner of Surprise Hacks

Winner of Major League Hacking's (MLH) Surprise Hacks, surprise themed hack among 180+ participants

April 2021
Winner of Sparkathon 2021

Winner of NMIMS’s Sparakthon for their Ignite 3.0 Tech fest among 200+ participants

March 2021
Winner of InnoHacks 2021

One of the winners of InnoHacks 2021, under the problem statement: To Build an A.I. based software solution/Technological with the aim of tackling some challenges currently posed by modern society with over 50 participants.

February 2021
Winner of WiCHacks 2021

One of the winners of WiCHacks 2021, RIT's all-women, femme, and non-binary 24-hour hackathon hosted by Women in Computing with over 100 participants.

January 2021
Mentor at SWOC

Accepted as a mentor for Script Winter of Code (SWOC) to guide three teams with my insights and experience all through their hackathon journey.

November 2020
Meritorious Student

Certificate of Merit awarded for being in the top 10% of the department.

October 2020
Winner of HackerEarth's Recruit-a-thon

Winner of the HackerEarth's Recruit-a-thon with over 4800 teams participating.

October 2020
Major League Hacking Fellowship

Got selected for the MLH Fellowship Program, a 12-week internship alternative for aspiring software engineers. It's collaborative, remote, and happens under the guidance of expert mentors.

September 2020
Paper Presentation

Presented my paper ‘Distress - An application for Emergency Response and Disaster Management' at the 'International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC) 2020'. It is published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library and indexed on Scopus.

September 2020
Paper Presentation

Presented my paper ‘A study on existing Friend Recommendation Systems in Social Networks' at the 'International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC) 2020'. It is published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library and indexed on Scopus.

June 2020
Student Developer at PSoC

PClub Summer of Code is a 2 month long Open Source program during summers with an aim to help beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity.

June 2020
Paper Presentation

Presented my paper ‘A study on Cloud enabled Applications and their Security Issues' at the 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication & Networking Technologies (ICCCNT) 2020. It is published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library and indexed on Scopus.

April 2020
Winner of ET Campus Stars

One of the winners of ET Campus Stars, an annual list of 'India's brightest engineering minds'. The 6 month long rigorous assessment was well-thought, meticulous and provided a quantifiable way of assessing over 49,000+ applicants from over 2000+ engineering colleges.

February 2020
Rank 1 at Semicode, 2020

Tied at rank 1 at Semicode, 2020 organised by ACM MPSTME and an overall rank of 4 after considering the time of submission with over 250 teams participating.

September 2019
Winner of the IBM Hack Challenge

Winner of the IBM Hack Challenge, 2019 organised by IBM India under the problem statement- Friend Affinity Finder

March 2019
Paper Presentation

Presented my paper ‘Mental Health Monitoring System Using Artificial Intelligence at the IEEE Sponsored 5th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT) 2019. It is published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library and indexed on Scopus.

April 2018
Runner Up for App Development

Runner up (Third Place) of Application Development Competition by Network for the Open Web Mozilla Club, 2018